A blue cobalt kangxi vase

Started by ssbill, Dec 08, 2017, 14:10:55

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I know the photos aren't good enough for you have an enlightened opinion about it. This is just something I found online, I didn't take them myself. With the base only you can probably help me a lot.  Thanks


Hello ssbill,

I am new here also, so I have to be careful with my assessement.

But I read, that all four character Kangxi marks without borders are from an around the Guangxi period. All genuine Kangxi marks should be of six characters. Only four character marks in a double line square border can bee genuine.
So I think, this is not from Kangxi period. 


Yes I agree not Kangxi, and the foot rim is flat, that is what it looks like in this photo, if it was Guangxu it would have been rounded, I believe that 18th century would have been flat, but this is not 18th century in my view, the Guangxu revival did use 4 character marks and some of the 4 character marks were in a double circle but most borderless, the blue color looks right for Guangxu but the foot dose not.


Is it more likely to be a 18th C vase or guangxu?. I know it can't be a modern replica because it comes from a 1920s lamp. Maybe Peter can share his view about this?


Without seeing true colors and a close up picture of the decoration, this is like viewing an item from the distance and giving an opinion without being able to see details clearly. But the details are often the most essential.