A dragon water pot

Started by heavenguy, Dec 03, 2017, 11:47:14

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I also find this water pot with a dragon or chimera on top. The color is some type of green with purple. Ribin's egg???It has a kanji mark but never saw something like that. guangxu, republic? later?


last pic thank you in advance.


This would be a Guangxu mark and the Xu mark is written incorrectly and this type of dragon was not used during the Qing dynasty nor a glaze like this, I think this is a late 20th century item.



The base tells us that this is a fake item. The many tiny dots would be flying ash, from the kiln firing, normally. But something like this on the bottom is impossible, especially on the bottom.because the hot air does not go there normally. This means this was made before firing the item, to make it look old. But old items do not really have such dots. The foot rim shape is also wrong.. With a stepped foot rim the actual rim would be lower and not as narrow.