Please help with this ming pitcher is the spout broke off please help

Started by Lumhechati, Nov 26, 2017, 23:56:44

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Is the end of this spout broke off or missing a piece,it's for sale and need help is it worth buying I believe maybe older than MING what is it called Ewer teapot water pitcher I have to resize pictures



This looks like a modern fake Yuan or Ming (?) Dynasty ewer. Let's see what others think.


I agree with Bokaba, the decoration and the high shine and shape would put this late 20th century I think.


I would like to add that Chinese items rarely show such a roughly made foot rim. And, although the mouth of the spout has broken off edges, the yellow color surface is too straight and would not look that way unless it was fired in that condition. A natural break usually does not look that way.


Thank you it's for sale at a antique shop here in north GA.Now I know not to buy it.