Is this an Antique Chinese vase or a reproduction and what date was it made

Started by darcey, Nov 22, 2017, 04:31:04

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The vase stands 45.4cm high and has a blue tint to the porcelain, it is also very heavy for the size at 5.2kg. It has been hand made as i can see the unevenness of the finnish inside and when i look inside it has a defined line about halfway up making it look like it was made in two sections than put together. The vase is hand painted and flow blue in colour. Can anyone give me any information on this vase thank you Alan 


A few pictures would help the experts of the forum to help you.


I have tried to add a photo but it tells me it is to large help how do i make my photo smaller not to good with computers


upload them on (by clicking on ''new post'') and send me the link. I will reduce their size and post them here for you. Please include a photo of the bottom of the vase


Or make you photo's smaller, for one photo less than 200 MP, for up to 4 photo's on one post less than 400 MP, thanks.