Vase moulded with a dragon

Started by ssbill, Nov 21, 2017, 05:38:29

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This vase was used as a kerosene lamp (probably late 19th. C). The bottom is not visible and the vase might be older than the lamp. Can you share your opinion ?
Sorry, I could only get the two last photos larger or it would have exceeded the limit.


The porcelain part is hardly older than the lamp itself.


Ok thank you for the information. How collectible do you think it is ? Can you also share why it isn't older than late 19th C.?  Is it the shape of the dragon?


The way the dragon looks and the glaze itself. Basically, with monochrome porcelain age is difficult to evaluate, but basically the bottom and sometimes the mouth, is telling the most about age. From the look of it the lamp itself could be older. It probably had another base previously. I would not unmount it to look at the bottom if it might damage the porcelain. As to whether it is collectible, many Chinese may not be interested because the lamp type is something from outside their culture. Personally I find the lamp as such quite attractive. I would be careful with the lamp glass. It might be difficult to find another one.


If you look close at the photo 3 jpg you will see a seem running vertically that tells me it was made in a mould and not hand turned, I think this would have little collectors value.