1- Need Help for identification!

Started by Max Kep, Nov 15, 2017, 09:20:58

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Max Kep


Vintage, probably only a few decades old.

Max Kep

Sorry but your answer is wrong. Those wares have been into the ground for more than 60 years, before have been used. I go in for searches of any kinds of treasures including coins with metal detector for many years. I usually find pieces of same plates of the same caligraphycs in areas where are coins date 1840-1890 years. I think it is Chinese Anammese porcelain.

Max Kep

Hello everyone, please notice that all what I show on this site is genuine and has nothing to do with the pottery of  the 20th century.


There are so many fakes these days it would not surprise me if they also start faking kiln sites or burial objects, you can't believe every thing you hear.


There are already lots of burial objects on sale, Stan.
And there are new objects that have been intentionally buried for some time to imitate soil traces, etc.
In some cases they 'excavate' buried fake items while the buyer is on site to convince them believe they are really excavated items - well, they are in a sense :-)


To me 60 years is still vintage. The official age used for antiques in many countries is 100 years, which the bowls below do not seem to be. Some of the others, broken ones and shards in your pictures are much older, though.
Bowls similar like those you show below exist in great quantities because they were used until not too long ago, some still are in use. They have little collecting value unless you intend to wait a few decades...

One thing that every collector needs to understand is that items do not just have to be old. They need to have age specific features, and one of these is the decoration. With the progressing 20th century many items have lost their traditional painting styles and have become something that did not exist previously, incorporating influences from other cultures or styles. Such items and those made with mass production methods are not items which have much value to antique collectors.


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