Tongzhi Vase

Started by ssbill, Nov 14, 2017, 22:40:38

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I have looked online and it says this is a Tongzhi mark. I know there is a lot of reproductions and fakes, does this one look of the period to you? Thank you


With these photo's they are to small to see detail, the top looks strange not the natural look of glaze retractions, also a close up of the foot and detail is needed, thanks.


I had to downsize the picture so they don't exceed the limit. I have reuploaded them bigger. Here is an extra close up of the foot. Sorry I don't have a close up of the details right now. Does it look like a  Tongzhi vase?


Thanks for the additional photo's, I hate to say it but it looks like the mark was added and some of the decoration is printed and then hand drawn to give the impression that it is all hand drawn, to me this looks like 20th century, wait to see what others say.


Basically the color decoration is a bit odd on such a vase body. The dragon and ears stuck on (and their colors) are not normally found combined with this type of color decoration. The peonies are also odd for late Qing. Either the vase body was overpainted or partially repainted, or all of it is much later. But in any case , this is not Tongzhi. Tongzhi colors are easy to recognize.