Chinese container with handle

Started by konniela, Nov 12, 2017, 21:02:14

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Yesterday, I have seen a container with handle, I dont?t known, for what it was used. I have no photo, so I made a sketch quickly an try to discribe the rest.

The dark drawn places of my scetch are made of metal. One side is decorated (blue/white) with grapes and one bird, the other side is decorated with ten chinese signs in five rars, each rar with two signs. Above you can pull out a bar (metal), that looks, as if it is for stiring or crushing something. Near where you can pull the bar, is an open whole, surrunded by metal.

Below are two blue signs, but no mark.

It looks old, but so many things do that.


However, I have made an offer for this container, so I can use the photos. I the wost case, I get one nice deco more.
May bee the writing can be helpful (perhaps there is written: Thank you for your money, dear tourist. Sorry, I try to be more serious) 


I believe this is a water pipe used for smoking opium, but I have doubts about the porcelain container. Its base and decoration would place it in the first or second quarter of the 20th century, at least when these probably would not have been in use anymore. The porcelain might have been outside China...


Thanks God, someone has made an better offer !

Today, I only bought a (second hand) book : The chinese porcelain paintings in 17. and 18.Century. I think, a good Idea.