Started by konniela, Nov 11, 2017, 14:33:18

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Hello everybody,

this vase is -I am (a little bit) pretty sure- Kutani. The mark can be old, may be (late) meiji.  But for me the dragon looks more modernly (a little bit like a comic).

I think, it looks older than it is.


Hi kennel, the mythical creature here is a Komainu, a dog lion, I agree late Meiji.



thank you, a dog lion, o.k., so he cannot look like a dragon.

Late meiji, not so bad, may be, it?s mine, when the price is good.

I dont?t now why, but it seems to me, as if I am better in Japanese Ceramics than in Chinese.

Good night  to you


The Japanese antique porcelains are not being faked as much as the Chinese antique porcelain and so you can find good deals, but like anything that fakers do, if it cost a lot of money it will be faked, just not as much as the Chinese.


Thank you, this is a good explanation.

I will think it over, if I buy this vase, but I like this comic dragon (yes I know, his name is Komainu). Will see next week.

If I keep this up, I will need a bigger house.


I know it is addictive, but in a good way, it is also educational.


Yes, that?s right. It is difficult to me, to learn only by photos, it is better, when you can have the piece in your hands. Aktuelly the price is very low, but this can chance quickly. I don?t buy to make money with it, I will learn more.