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Started by konniela, Nov 10, 2017, 15:34:29

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What do you think about this ? 


Sorry for spelling mistake, it has to be called sung.

Today, my computer is not in good condition, so only now a little completment.

By this item is a little old handwritten note in german, translated like this:

China Sung period
1279  vase
green glaze divided into six fields with plastic ornaments of plants. The glaze is cracked. This nice decoration of Ko-yoa was called a hundred times cracked porcelain and was made from the oldest of the brothers Tschang in century


Sung is the old spelling. Today this is written Song.
The writer of the note had no idea of the origin, really, I'm afraid.

Look at this image search results:

The result was obtained by entering the three keyword expressions (in the Chinese language):  "green glaze"  "tea caddy"  "Shiwan kiln"

With this you know where they are from and what they are. Shiwan is in Guangdong province, and these jars are perhaps about 100 years old; they are not porcelain but earthenware.


Thank you.

I thought so, it has no similarity with real pieces I have seen in one of my books.

May be a good example not to be too credulous.