Flambe-glaze bull

Started by heavenguy, Nov 06, 2017, 09:08:11

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Hello guys,

I found this cool Flame-glazed bull. Unfortunely the horns are missing but still good deal for 6 bucks... If I'm not mistaken, this is a late qing maybe republic period brush pot>>>??? Any information not this will be highly appreciate it.


This would be a brush washer.
The unglazed bottom has a "China" stamp and shows traces of cloth threading. These are all signs of the republic period. There are five areas on the base which are the points where the item stood on a firing support. There were no such large firing points in the old times.

This glaze shows two problems. It shows white edges and is flambe. To my knowledge with antique porcelain (Qing or earlier) these two never go together. They develop with different types of red glazes.
They develop due to different glaze effects during firing, the flambe glaze develops due to an oxidation effect. A combination of these two different glaze effects would mean this (the glaze) is likely of a later manufacturing date. This concerns the red glaze. Whether the body or interior glaze are older may be a different matter.


Hi Peterp, Thank you for your quick reply... The glaze looks shiny but the overall feel is that is old. I was looking at the crackle inside the pot and I don't know if it looks re-glazed. I'm not really sure because the iron oxide from the cracks is glazed over. I have seen some 19th century celadon crackle and all the cracks are unglazed. This one the glaze is over the cracks. Looking under a magnifying glass the inside looks older than the outside... Anyways... I think then could be something from late republic maybe even 60's...