Started by konniela, Nov 03, 2017, 12:37:04

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So I have one more vase, it is similar as the cup. May be same time.
Have a look.


Does this one have writing too? And, could you upload a picture showing the mouth?
That this has a similar decoration as the other one does not mean the same person painted it. This is one of a number of standard motifs that many porcelain painters used.


Yes, it has writing, but it is not in best condition, difficult to make a good photo.

Today, I only have two more photos, but tomorrow I can make more, if you need.

The vase is a little bit damaged.


Hi Konneila, the fading of the writing dose not look natural to me, notice how the writing looks in bad condition and the other side is in perfect condition, made to look older, this could be an old vase that has been recently redecorated, possibly by the same person as the other piece, the lidded jar with out the lid.


Hallo again,

first thank you for your answer. Yesterday, I only had the photos from the seller for free use, but today I have the vase. Someone trys to redecorated, but -so it looks to me- only the black lines and the writing. The black colour remouved an now it is on several parts. May be, I can remove the black colour, without damaging the rest. I have tried careful, it is possible, I think. May be, you have an idea for doing this. 

What do you think, how old it can bee ?

I have to stop now for two hours.


If you are talking about the writing, yes that should be possible. Scratching or scrubbing it off should not damage the glaze it is protected by a vitreous layer. The black color is usually fired at a lower temperature so that it should come off more easily. But I would not try that with other colors.


Hello again,

I cleaned the vase and I could remove a lot of the black colour reste, that were all over the vase.  It is not perfect, but it looks better now. The writing was already lost before. When you look from a special position on the writing, you can see, how the signs had looked, but there is no chance for a photo. On some other parts, the glaze is damaged.

I know, the condition is bad, but I bought this vase for only 11,50 ? from a second hand trader in Germany (thats where I am), so for me, everything is good.

Please give me an assessment for age. I know, the seal and the mark are no guarantee for anything, but I would like to know, how old it can be.

Two photos after cleaning.
Thank you for your time.


First, thank you for all, that where interested in this vase.

Mark : Tongzhi
Seal (Jianding) :  Zhejiang Huan
Motives : One hundred antiques
Age : ?? May be around 1900