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Started by konniela, Nov 03, 2017, 02:44:06

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I am new here and I would like to know more about my cup.

(For Stan: Now I am on the right place ! Thank you for help)


I was going to say early 20th century, because that is when this type of painted decoration and color appeared. But can you post more pictures? What would be of interest is the interior, and a close up (partial) of the crimson flower, which appears blurred. The reason is that the whole item has black outlines, while most of the early 20th century either have none or thin ones that are barely visible. On the other hand the porcelain body seems to have some age. Any age signs or blemished in the glaze, etc. might help.


Good Morning,

the cup is not white, looks more a little bit grey.

One Photo of the interior and one more, that perhaps can be helpful. A close up of the flower I will try to make.


Here ist one more photo, I hope, it ist good enough.


Thanks for the additional pictures.
Especially the writing helps. It mentions a manufacturing year of the cyclical calendar which is either 1899 or 1959. Due to the relatively thick and still black outlines, and the writing showing no major abrasion, I would tend to the latter. Such black color is usually fairly abraded if it was 100 years old.

BTW, this is a porcelain container with missing lid, not a cup.


Thank you,

I thought it may be a little bit older, but so I learn to look better.  There ist no lid, that?s right, but I found no other name quickly for it.