Monochrome blue vase

Started by Stan, Oct 26, 2017, 05:59:05

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Hi Peter, here is a monochrome vase with dragons, horses and symbols, the hight is 23.5 cm and it is made in 3 sections, there is a lot of age signs and under a loop the bubbles are large, you can see little dots in the pictures also the true color blue is the 1 picture, the light makes the other picture appear much lighter than it is, I do not think this is from the Ming Wanli period, but it looks like it is from the Qing dynasty, could you tell me how old you think this is, thanks.


Here are the last set of photo's, thanks for viewing.


One more photo, this shows the bubbles better.


Hi Stan,
Do you realize that the only picture showing the whole vase reflects the whole environment of the house and (is that you?) clearly. Reflection of light is normal, but such detailed mirroring is usually a sign of a shiny glaze, which points to a later item.
The decoration is only partially visible, but what is that looking like a fishtail?  Should it be a dragon tail? There were never dragons with fishtails, as far as I know. There were multiple tail tips with some dragons, but no tail fins.
In my view the bottom could be a late Qing bottom. The dark color of the mark would fit into that time too. Otherwise I can not tell much more.


I was waiting for your comment on the dragon with the fish tail as I have never seen such dragon like that either, did you notice that the dragon has wings as well, it dose look like late Qing, the inside looks good to for that period, thanks again peter.