Pair of hat stands

Started by Stan, Sep 27, 2017, 11:38:35

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Hi Peter, here is what I think is Guangxu or Tongzhi period hat stands, they are marked, however I can not find these marks in any of my books,  I will post photo's of the bottom as soon as I take some more photos the ones I took did not turn out, here are the hat stands and marks.


By the look of the item it could indeed be late Qing. However, the first two characters mean Jing Zhen, which is an abbreviation of Jingdezhen. Usually this means it is a factory mark, late republic, or both.
The next three characters are relevant, but we can not read two of them. They are apparently a name and would be essential to tell who made the items, and date them.


Thanks Peter, that is interesting, if I find the name I will post it, thanks again.


Here are more photo's to view.