Famille rose hexagonal vase

Started by Adriano, Aug 22, 2017, 19:32:36

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I bought recently this vase from an antique shop.
The dimensions are: 10x5 inches.
I can see just a couple of spots of rust and few signs of use.
The color of the unglazed bottom look as iron oxidation, I think.
The seller said that the vase could be of 1920-30 years.
I think it should be later for the style of the faces that are too well defined.
I would like to have Members comments.
Thank you.


The mark says Made at Jingdezhen, republic period 1912-49 but the bottom and the faces looks more like something from the 60's or later, in my opinion.


Thank you Stan for your help in identification of mark and period.


I'm pretty sure any jingdezhen marks were post 60s.  So the faces + mark match. 


Thank you Hmm for your contribution.