Japanese or Chinese imari cat?

Started by arnebraat, Aug 22, 2017, 05:45:00

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I need help for identification. This item was bought at a flee market in Norway in the 1980's. The two last marks have always been blur. The cat is 23 cm high.
With regards
Arne Braaten


Hi Arnebraat, I agree, I think it is Chinese also, it dose not resemble any Japanese porcelain cats that I have seen, but for Chinese I do not think it is that old, I could not find the mark in my book of Chinese marks and with the chemical blue it would be 20th century, perhaps republic period.



This is a Chinese Imari Cat. I know they were popular from late 19th century to early 20th century. They have different type of stamps some showing the shop mark or some showing reign marks. In my opinion, somewhere in the first half of the 20th century. This cat shows some age by the foot rim. Although I agree with what Stan says the colors seem a little bit later. Maybe different closeups will tell...


The full mark would be ?????? Yiqian Tang Longnian zhi. There are lots of examples of such cats on the Chinese internet. Some Yiqian Tang items, like this cat, show decoration elements that are at the best mid-20th century. I do not think it could be early republic, because such an advanced style of expression might still have been improbable by then.
This cat shows a style that has come from abroad. Probably, second half of the 20th century would be more realistic, in my view.
For reference: tinyurl.com/y9khjrwj


Thank you so much for helping! It is good to know when people are asking about this very pretty cat.