Celadon 5 Spouted Grain Jar

Started by kardinalisimo, Jul 29, 2017, 09:08:09

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Any opinions if it could be authentic Song/Yuan or a reproduction?


The bottom and inside of lid are not the right color and consistency. Do you know what this type of item was used for?


Am I allowed to post links? If not, you can remove them.




So far I have not found any replicas or reproductions. If there are any, I'd think they would be modelled after known examples. I'm wondering about the frogs, I can't find Chinese ceramics decorated with them.
Also, curious about the lid. There is reddish pigment, copper or/and iron oxides I guess. Was that done on purpose or more like accidental?


Yes, they are burial items placed in the tomb. Most are from the Yuan and Song dynasties, and many are either from tomb excavations or grave robbery. But there are also lots of fakes nowadays.


I searched in Chinese and found much more examples but not many showing images of the bases and the clay. The dark olive glaze reminds me of the early Yue ware celadon.
So, your opinion is that this piece is likely recent?


I see real old ones from the Yuan and Song dynasties almost every week, recently. I mean I inspect them close up. This one looks really not that old, in my view. These were hardly used after the Yuan dynasty.