Chinese figure Qing?

Started by calder, Jul 29, 2017, 02:49:23

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What era would this be?
What does the 4 character mark say?
Thank you in advance.


Made by Wei Hong-chun. Apparently republic period.


Thank you Peter.
Sent me on the right track.
Can find "Wei Hongtai" but not this chap.
Found the same artist on christies site but no mention of his name.

A: Could be Wei Hong-tai indeed. The characters are written similarly, and the ones on yours were not as clearly visible. When I looked for Wei Hong-chun on the Chinese Internet I found quite a number of mentions, however. Not sure if it is the same. Could be brothers or father and son.


No.  It says Wei Hongtai.  The picture wasn't exactly clear, so the "tai"(?? character could look like a "chun"???.



Uhhh nice figure... I think that this type of foot is late republic and the quality is there... i was looking at some images for Wei Hong tai and the way he portraits Shou is very similar to this figure. I think you may have something here...