Ming - Qing Export to VOC?

Started by smak, Jul 25, 2017, 02:53:37

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Ming - Qing Export to VOC?

What are your thoughts>?


The first impression looking at this was that it is not Chinese. The dark overall appearance is odd. A closer look revealed that the painting style is probably SE Asian, although Chinese decoration elements are painted.. The sticker has words that look like Malay or Indonesian (the two are related languages). The single character mark on one bottom was clearly written by someone who does not know or is not used to writing Chinese. All in all, probably made in SE Asia (Indonesia is likely).


Looks like Peter is correct about the Indonesian origin. Here is some info on the VOC mark:


The VOC stands for the United Dutch India Company from the 17th Century, but I cannot say if they date to that period.

At first, they reminded me of 17th Century Arita products made for the Dutch market bearing initials inside a wreath. The IVH here stands for the initials of the governor of the Dutch East Indies which includes much of what is modern day Indonesia.



Careful, while these may be fakes, the VOC sign can also be found on genuine antiques of Japanese and Chinese origin.


Thank you guys so much for the details!

I guess these are just fakes then..