Celadon glazed green vase

Started by hoogenbosch67, Jul 20, 2017, 01:54:26

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Hello Peter, Stan,

What is your opinion on this very nice vase. It looks as if it has some age marks.

Thank you for your reply.



new. too shiny and recent design.  a few similar on eBay at the moment.


It dose not look like anything to traditional Chinese Antique Porcelain.


What about the bottom? I have seen some new ones on ebay but these bottoms are crystal white. This one is more orange, with a orange stripe against the glaze. I also spotted one black spot in the glaze. Greetings Jan


This is a very crude imitation of Yuan/Song wares, glaze and base. I recommend not to get involved in ancient monochrome ceramics (Yuan/Song and earlier), unless you have a good basic knowledge on Ming/Qing age signs, etc. It is just too much and quite different to evaluate. And please remember, everything can be faked. You need to look at 650+ year old glazes do understand how the real old ones look. But the decoration is also off, I'm afraid.