Peter, please help me with an inscription on a Qianjiang plaque!

Started by Mat, Jul 17, 2017, 19:29:49

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Hi Peter, could you please help me to understand the inscription on this Qianjiang plaque? I got some help reading the Chinese letters, but still have problems understanding it...
This is what i know already:
The title is: ????, meaning "enjoying the secene in a rainy day" (?)
The date is: ???? , spring of ding hai year (?)
This must be some kind of dedication from someone to someone else, I think:
But who is giving it to whom?
Thank you for any help!



Hi Mat, I can not read much of it, and I do not think it is because of my difficulty reading handwriting. Some characters are hardly recognizable. I am sure many native Chinese speakers would have difficulties to read the first line, for example.

Anyway, 1887 is reasonable for this. Looks as if it is the olderl type of Qianjiang. I only read the name Wu, but not the rest. And, there are only nine with the name of Wu on my list of several hundred Qianjiang painters. None of their names resembles this one. So, I'm afraid I can not be of much help. I think it is given or painted or both by this Wu - he would be calling someone else ?? and himself ?. (The same way as ?? and ?? would be used today, even if there is no family relationship.)
Nice landscape painting, by the way.


Hi Peter,
thank you very much for your help! Yes, it must be difficult to decipher! I showed it to a few people and they had problems reading it. I also think that it must be 1887, 1947 would be much too late for the painting style... I like the landscape very much, too.
Regards, Matthias