China Vase Green Tree Trunk

Started by Mervin, Jul 15, 2017, 12:47:10

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From my research of the printed word China, I estimated this vase to be produced around late 1890 and 1930I believe but I am truly no expert. I just learned that the word hanzi meant words from that NJSTAR software that Peter recommended

This vase is 6 1/2" tall


I cannot read the three characters below. Either they are not traditional Chinese at all or pretty bad handwriting.
Your item has more of a Japanese shape and decoration. Further, the blossoms apparently are transfer printed. If carefully check you will find groups of three blossoms each, with petals, etc. all of the same configuration.
Probably not Chinese, and possibly not antique. You should be aware that marks often are added later and may not be reliable for identification or dating.


Thanks Peter

It was a thrift store purchase and a learning experience.


Hi Peter, I agree the shape and decoration looks Japanese, and modern as well.


Thanks, Stan I did not take into consideration the marking could be misleading. And Peter now that I know to look for repetitions I clearly see the sets of 3s in the transfer pattern Thanks to both of you guys.