millefleur bowl,red qianlong mark

Started by calder, Jul 12, 2017, 04:30:32

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What are peoples thoughts on this bowl,Republic ?


Probably republic, but to tell for sure a hands-on inspection might be required. Such detailed painting of faces became popular in the 20th century, under the influence of western painting, as far as I know, and around the late 18th century, mostly on imperial wares only; for the same reason.
The porcelain body and painting of this plate might be from different periods. Not sure though. It is just that the glaze on the bottom is wavy, which means it could be around late Qing, but the mark characters are too regular. They look like a printer font. That means it would be 20th century.
Otherwise there is not much to tell without a hands on.


Thanks peter for information.
Better picture of markings.


Could they have made the plate in the late 19th early 20th and maybe added the flowers in the 20's??? The flowers and decoration really do seem to be republic.


Yes, the enlarged mark looks better. Handpainted.
It could as well be the opposite, that the flowers were painted first. There is another thing, the gilt on the outer circumference. It may tell something about age, but the pictures are inconclusive. Try taking the picture of the rim under natural light, near a window, or outside on a day without sunshine. Sunlight will change the colors, so I would avoid that.


Republican piece probably frmo the 20/30s