Very thin and fine tea-cup- Japanese ??

Started by Lee Seng Kong, Jun 29, 2017, 16:12:13

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Lee Seng Kong


Attached are photos of a tea-cup which I think is Japanese.

Am I correct ?

Anther photo of the base to follow.

Thank you


Hi Lee Seng Kong, you are right this is Kutani, late Meiji, could you post a close up of the mark to confirm, thanks.

Lee Seng Kong

Hi Stan,

Please see attached photo of the mark.

I have not indulged to collect Japanese ware.....only have a hand-full.

I take this opportunity to add another tea-cup which is also very thin.

Your response with advice is most appreciated.

More photo of the 2nd tea-cup will follow


The marks are illegible, but looks like Kutani decoration, probably early Showa.

Lee Seng Kong

Hi Stan,

I will take another  close-up showing just the marks tomorrow.

Lee Seng Kong

Hi Stan,

Attached  are close-up of tea-cup no. 1

Due to down-sizing, this is the best I can do.

Thank you for any advice given.

Photos of cup no. 2 will follow


The second mark from top says "Taniguchi", a common family or place name. Cannot read the first one. It is more like a signature that is difficult to read.
The other two seem to start with the character ? , read 'taka' or 'ko' depending on whether it is a name or not.

Maybe someone can find a mark with this?