jun ware purple red bowl (?)

Started by cimage, Jun 26, 2017, 19:00:00

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Hi everyone,

Bought at a flea market this beautiful small bowl. It seems jun ware style at least, purple red glaze... Not to harsh, very elegantly executed.

Is it authentic?... If anyone has any knowledge on jun ware it would be great.
I ask because even on eBay where you could encounter fakes and other copies, I couldn't find anything like this.

Thanks in advance,



Looks pretty new to me. The base is not even close to jun ware, as far as I can see.


Thanks Peter.
Me too, it looks new... The thing is there's something about it, I mean the work is very well done, the glaze not to harsh... Concerning the foot I don't know, I think I've seen resembling things... But the elegant and narrow foot like this maybe tends more to Japanese.

Anyways thanks,


If it was Japanese it would be late 20th century or later, in my opinion.


Why not late 20th century...

I read somewhere about Jun ware that some kind of "milky" stains (sorry I lack the right vocabulary) were typical of the period. And you could see a bit of that on this piece so I thought maybe...

What I mean is that it looks like a good copy than.