Ming Dynasty Kitchen Pottery Ginger Jar Vase?

Started by Rec, Jun 23, 2017, 19:13:34

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hi there,
any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. the seller claims that these a genunie peace from 17th century.

Lee Seng Kong

Hi Rec,

I have a similar jar......so I hope you do not mind if I piggy back on your post since we are seek the same advice.


Hi rec,
17th century can also be Qing dynasty. Actually, I know of no ginger jars being made in the Ming dynasty. This type of jar crops up now and then, but Chinese sources almost never make any mention of it. It is almost always mentioned by western sources. That can mean it was either made mainly for export, or for the local population. Canton is sometimes mentioned as origin, but I do not know if this is right, due to the lack of information on these.
All I can tell is that if it is Chinese it most likely from a southern kiln. I would not exclude Vietnam as origin, though. I think what they say on the internet about it being Ming, etc. may be misinformation. The painted decoration is rather stylized and of low quality. The shape seems to indeed point to early Qing, as does the adhering grit. However, the low neck is unknown to me. Was it cut off? I suspect this was made during much of the Qing dynasty as I have seen this with a shape common in a later period.
So, I think it is Qing dynasty, possibly earlier, likely from a southern kiln. That is all that can be said...
If anyone has more exact information, please post.


Lee Seng Kong, your jar is about mid-Qing dynasty, judging by shape and decoration. Probably made in a more mainstream kiln.

Lee Seng Kong

Thanks Peter,

Just as I thought.......your confirmation is reassuring, and would guide me to classify other similar pieces in my collection.