Imperial Palace Roof Tile!

Started by smak, Jun 19, 2017, 09:15:04

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Hi all!

I was gifted with this item and I was told that its from the Imperial palace roof top!


Could this really be from the imperial palace?? I couldnt find anything on it because this is the first time seeing them! How rare are these?

Could this be from ming dynasty?


Google image from Imperial Palace.


Sorry, but I think that is highly unlikely. If you investigate "chinese temple roof tiles" you will find similar decorations. The yellow ones are usually, found on Buddhist temples, but also on confucius temples, etc. These are still used today, so this is probably not even antique.


Thanks Peter!

However if you look at the dragons claws theres 5 claws that usually symbolizes the Emperor no?



It did at some time. From the late Qing dynasty it was a free for all...