Two old Chinese bowls

Started by Stan, Jun 14, 2017, 00:14:52

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Hi Peter, here are two celadon bowls, I am wondering if the polychrome decoration was added later, the marks would suggest early 1800's but the decoration seems to point to the Tongzhi or Guangxu period, was the decoration added at a later time? or did they use marks like this in the later Tongzhi and Guangxu periods?


Here are more photo's to view.


Here are the last two photo's for viewing, thanks for you expertise.


The celadon bowls seem to be from the Jiaqing reign, and the mark is also a mark with abbreviated character strokes typical for that reign.

You are right, the fencai decoration must have been added later. I have seen many plain celadon bowls of this type, all from the Jiaqing reign. They would have been convenient to add some fencai decoration and fire it once more.