Flambe vase - Original of Fake Mark

Started by Lee Seng Kong, Jun 05, 2017, 16:49:22

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Lee Seng Kong

This mark at the base looks like it is under a thick glaze, yet when touch by finger, one can feel the mark.

Appreciate any advice whether the mark is faked and if the marks cannot be used to ascertain if the item is genuine, hopefully other photos attached will help.



What do you mean with 'original'?
If it means whether this is an authentic antique, then no. But the mark is no copy either, probably. The whole shape of this flambe vase deviates slightly from the standard shape, but the mark is something that did not exist in the old times.
Its characters say 'Made in Jingdezhen, China'.  There was no such a mark until approximately in the 1950s, so the mark is original and this is a more recent item, not an antique.

Lee Seng Kong

Thank-you Peter......I will classify it as collectibles as it is quite attractive.