blue and white plate with brown edge; unmarked

Started by Rec, Jun 03, 2017, 21:32:01

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could you please help to identify these unmarked blue and white large plate with brown edge?


The bowl it self looks old possibly Kangxi but the decoration on the inside looks fairly recent, this is done to make an ordinary piece that is inexpensive to look expensive, even the repair looks as if done on purpose, I would be interested to here Peters comments though.


The same here. The underside, including decoration below look like Kangxi, but the top decoration is nothing I have seen. I mean the painting style, not the motif itself. Never saw such a rim decoration on export porcelain.


it looks kangi but youre not sure because the rim is not okay?


I found these plate on ebay with same rim decoration. The seller claims its it a kangxi plate.
is it possible that these a genunie piece?

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We do not know this decoration. As it deviates a bit from the usual era's decorations, it is best to keep the question open whether or not is of the period. Wait until some information from another, reliable source comes around. perhaps a book, or museum item, etc. We all do that when we can not find reliable information about an item. Just be patient, the future will clarify whether it is authentic or not.

Unfortunately, your link to am item on Ebay was removed because that does not mean it is authentic, or the the seller has first hand knowledge on this. Hence it can not be used as reference.
(There are scores of Chinese fakes posted on Ebay, some even coming with fake authenticity certificates. Many Ebay sellers offer antiques they know nothing about themselves.)