Small Lidded Jar with Guangxu Mark

Started by bokaba, Jun 01, 2017, 11:04:00

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Hi Peter,

I was wondering if this small lidded jar is Guangxu or Republic period. I like the decoration, particularly the waves at the bottom, but feel the painting of the bat is odd for the period. I also think the mark looks mid-20th Century or later (most of the authentic Guangxu marks I've seen are clearly hand-painted with slightly elongated script). I think this piece is probably modern or mid-20th Century.

Thank you,



> probably modern or mid-20th Century
Most likely.

It looks nice with careful painting, but the pristine bottom and the foot rim tell us it must be more recent.


Hi Bokaba, I agree with Peter, Im leaning closer to the later side, could you post a close up photo of the bat, thanks.


Hi Stan,

Here is a picture of the bat.


Thanks for the additional photo, I have seen bats like this with bulging eyes and whiskers coming out of the mouth area, I believe this is a later 20th century made item, but as Peter mentioned it is nicely done, I like the leaves how they twist, like the old style from the Qing and early republic periods.