Blue plate, chinese?

Started by wk, May 28, 2017, 23:04:04

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Could this be a chinese powder blue plate? Perhaps Dehua kill?
Thank you


Probably late 19th century...


I agree with heavenguy, late Qing and the blue color looks like it was painted on with a brush, the powder blue has a speckled look to it probably because it was sprayed on through a straw.


Thank you both. I found this plate at an online antique store which was listed at 18th century.

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Perhaps I'm to inexperienced to see the difference but it looks the same to me. Is it possible there where different techniques in applying the blue back then?


Usually it is recommended to avoid monochromes, because they have no decoration and thus have less points of reference usable for dating.
This said, this plate could probably at the best be early 19th century. The plate rim is going in a straight line to the interior bottom. Such a shape was popular in the Jiaqing reign. So it is likely from that reign or later. The blue color shown in the picture is a bit unusual. Normally one would expect a darker blue tone.  Actually, plates in all blue? I do not remember ever having seen any. In the early Qing dynasty blue items were used for ritual use, but hardly for plates.

Just be careful with items having this color, please. A color glaze would be a good means to hide an ugly or abraded decoration. I would like to point out the possibility that such glazes could be used to give otherwise inferior items a better look. You should have a good look if the glaze is an old one or added later. Some plates are actually completely covered with a newer decoration while the porcelain body itself is old.


Thank you Peter, I actually never thought of that possibility, facelifting an ugly antique.

I know about the difficulty in monochromes but occasionally I bump into them and if the price is reasonable it's hard to resist. I hope to learn more by handeling more items. Same goes for Blanc de Chine. I see many white items but have no clue how the recognize them. Hopefully over time.

Thanks again!