Identification Mark on Blue and White Plate

Started by Lee Seng Kong, May 26, 2017, 17:16:12

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Lee Seng Kong

Kindly advice on the likely period this Porcelain Plate was made as I was not able find similar mark on-line.

Dimension:-H 4.0 x Dia:- 21.0 (cm)

Thin body with high resonance .



I have never seen such a decoration, but the underside seems to correspond to 18th century. Underside rim decorations were popular in the Kangxi reign, there is a Kangxi pictorial mark (depicting a Lingzhi fungus, I think), and the foot rim seems to be slightly slanted on the outside. All would point to early 18th century.

Lee Seng Kong

Thanks Peter for your time.
I was afraid that I might be taking too much of your time.....hence, did not direct my enquiry to you personally.

You have confirmed what I thought and was told by one of my collector friend that it is Kangxi when he inspected it he is correct this time round as confirmed by you.

I have personally tried to verify this type of Lingzhi fungus mark on-line.....and although there are samples of Lingzhi marks .....they don't come close to this one, which I find quite finely/beautifully  drawn.

So far, I have checked on Gotheborg  write-up on marks..... saved photos from Pinterest...but no luck to find something close.

BTW, I notice that there are two main respondent to enquiries, and, you are particularly active .

I hope you don't mind when I ask ......what does  Stan do as a moderator ?.



Please be aware that marks are not useful for dating of Chinese ceramics. Many marks are apocryphal, even on authentic antiques. This said, if you read Chinese I would suggest to obtain one of the mark books sold in China (paperback). They are also available online. You will find lots of marks like the one on your plate.

Yes, please, address any queries to the forum as a whole, so that anyone can answer.
Stan kindly agreed to act as moderator for the Japanese ceramics board. As my knowledge of Japanese porcelain is inferior in this respect, he is more suitable. He also has advanced knowledge of Japanese prints; and all this beside his knowledge of Chinese porcelain.