standard late 19th/early 20th fangge vase?

Started by Hmm, May 26, 2017, 04:15:18

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I think it has a chenghua nianzhi on the base. 



Also does anyone know anything about the number "85" written on the vase?  Does it signify a year, or how many vases were made, part of some story, etc?


Looks low quality to me. I would think late 20th Century.



Late Qing dynasty Fangge crackle vase. The warrior painting could have been added later, not sure about this, though. The faces look like Guangxu. This type of vase often comes with a spurious Chenghua mark and often is of a somewhat inferior workmanship.
The mark is often difficult to read and looks as if the writer was illiterate.
Don't know why many of those later ones have this mark, although it is apocryphal. Usually there is either none or a Chenghua mark.

Yes, seems to be Suzhou numerals, but no year. The Chinese used the imperial year notation. See Kangxi was the longest reign in the Qing dynasty with 61 years. Thus the number must have another meaning.


Great.  Thanks for letting me know. 

Do you happen to know what the Chinese characters are for "fangge"?