Kangxi Marked Vase

Started by rubikscubenerd, May 07, 2017, 10:43:24

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Hi all, there is this vase that is in my cabinet and i was wondering if it could possibly be kangxi or late qing. thanks


You need to show more pics. It is almost impossible to identify without looking at the foot rim, shape  and close ups...


Attached are more photos. thank you.


If this is the correct purplish blue color then it would be later in the 20th century, but if the blue has no purple then it would be early 20th century.


thanks for the reply. i dont think my photo and the lighting does the actual vase justice. The areas that are darker is no purple but rather darker shades of blue. the vase does have orange peel texture which leads me to believe it is early republic.



This is not the so-called 'yang-lan' or western blue, the name the Chinese have for the late Qing chemical blue. But it could be late Qing at the best, perhaps republic.
To consider are the face expressions, and eyes, etc. which seem to be later. Then the four character mark, which is typical for the late Qing period, Guangxu reign onwards, but is hardly found in the Kangxi reign. The foot rim also looks more like late Qing to republic. The way the eyes are painted in detail make me think it is more likely post-Qing.