Tang Dynasty Ewer ??

Started by Lee Seng Kong, May 05, 2017, 15:16:25

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Lee Seng Kong


Attached are some photos of a Ewer ( ??). I bought it with the beaker already broken, but bought it anyway since I found it intriguing.
Interesting and vivid iridescence where it is green.

Really appreciate some advice  out there can 

Lee Seng Kong

Here are more photos.

Unfortunately, I have not taken a photo looking at the back of the top of the beaker.......I remember there are 3 holes ........perhaps the holes are "breathing holes"


This probably is not Tang dynasty, or anything like Tang sancai or Liao sancai. Those wares hardly ever have the glaze go down to the base/foot and, usually they are using slip. When slip is used there is some visible as the glaze does not go down. Not sure what of from when this is...

Lee Seng Kong

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your reply. Whilst it is not from the Tang Dynasty, I am still wondering when this is likely to be made.
I would appear to me it is unlikely to be new.
The part where it is broken shows a reddish clay material.
The 3 holes at the position of the broken spout is crudely made?..likewise, the filling opening at the back of the spout.
Since this discussion started, I have fill it with water and  tested it???only to be puzzled  ???thus?.posing these questions:-
i) whilst the item is ?crudely? made, it does take some effort to do.
ii) the strong iridescence is intriguing.
iii) with my limited knowledge, could  the quality and manner of workmanship reflect that it is copied from the works of Tang Dynasty ....and if so, when are the copies likely to be found
iv)it would appear to me that  this ?wine decanter? is not likely to be made for ?commoners???yet ?.its crude quality does not reflect that it is likely to me made for higher officials ?or could it be ?

I have attached a few more close-up if it is any help to determine the origin of this item.

Any further contribution on this forum to try to find out the origins of this item is most appreciated

Thank-you Peter once again.


Hi, I do not know any such handle or spout, if that can be called so, from any era of Chinese porcelain history. At least it is unlikely to be from any mainstream kilns. Could be from anywhere, but has nothing that looks traditional Chinese. It looks as if it were earthenware rather than porcelain. Further, Before the 19th century, in the Qing dynasty, all (spout) outflow holes consisted of a single hole, as far as I know. This is very unlikely of Chinese origin.

Lee Seng Kong

Thank-you Peter.

I will not scratch my head further on this item for now.

Warm Regards.