Miniature vase

Started by Adriano, May 04, 2017, 19:40:08

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I would like to have comment on this small vase.
It is famille rose style, with some micro spots of rust and loss of enamel so it is not of recent production, I think.
I wonder if it could be Republic or early PRC period.

Thank you and regards.


I wonder what it is that is depicted behind the head of the deity.
Overall said it looks like late Qing, Guangxu reign, porcelain. I assume it is very small?


Yes, it is very small: 14 cm tall and 5 cm max diameter.
It looks me old, but I did not think it was antique.
Very happy to know.

Thank you Peter.


Definitely late qing/early republic, i would say circa 1900-1910.


I appreciate very much.

Thank you  rubikscubenerd.