Ceramic Pillow

Started by calder, May 04, 2017, 05:18:06

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Very comfortable for all of five Minutes.
What are peoples thoughts.



The color decoration looks like 20th century to me. Not sure if it could be vintage, though.


Lee Seng Kong

Hi all,

Attached are photos of 2 head rests (pillows) for sharing.

Can anyone who has collected similar item advice approximately when they were made.
Thank you


Hi Lee Seng Kong, with one photo of each it is difficult to tell age, but the first one looks like it is mid 20th century, I do not see any iridescence in the colors, the other one the teal color or turquoise color looks older, maybe you can post pictures of the bottoms and any age signs, thanks.

Lee Seng Kong

Hi Stan,

Kindly find attached more photos of the white head rest.

The white one is porcelain and I cannot detect any age sign except that the black out-line of the vest is slightly faded.
I will take more photos of the green one and send another time.

Thank you for your time.


Thanks for the additional photo's, this is interesting, the cloth like pattern on the bottom, that technique was used in the early republic but something that is over a 100 years old would have iridescence in the colors, I am not seeing that in these photo's, can you see any iridescent look in the colors?


You are right, Stan, about the cloth. However, all early republic wares showing the cloth impression seem to have a slightly different weaving pattern. The colors and glaze look quite fresh, probably this is from the second half of the 20th century.


I agree with Peterp,

The grayish bottom cloth grid pattern looks more like a second half imitation of a republic piece foot rim. I have seen similar foots in current China pieces on eBay.  The overall look doesn't look republic to me.

Lee Seng Kong

Hi Gents.,

I find this forum very enlightening as now that I am retired, I have more time to examine my collection.
Your advice  on the ?cloth lines grid? on the base of the pillow has link me to another Blue and White plate which  has similar line marking??although broader line???.so can your advice also apply to this item too?

I bought this piece for its panoramic scenery which I really like.

BTW, why is cloth used on the base...is it used to separate the item from its support/stand during firing ?

Stan, on your question on "any iridescence"......I am not able  to tell/detect "minor" hints of iridescence .........Can I sent you some close-ups of samples of my collection t learn how to detect "minor iridescence "

On the white pillow, the enameled flower decorations has a deep reflective sheen under torch light  .

BTW, please also advice me if it is appropriate to link another item (plate) to the main subject of discussion (ie ceramic pillow)

Thanks for sharing everyone.


The threads of the cloth are not clearly visible. Maybe you could upload a partial picture showing them enlarged?


Hi Lee Seng Kong, at the top right of the screen there is a Sitemap, click on that and that will put you in the directory, on the right scroll down to Iridescence and there is a very good read on the subject, if you take your piece and under natural light turn it in a way that the light bounces off the piece, if turned just right you can see the iridescence if it has it or not.  It would be better to list your items separately, it helps to prevent confusion.

Lee Seng Kong

Woooh......there are so many  informative link contained in this forum.......now I know I do not have to search here and there.

Thanks Stan for your guidance .

I will also follow your advice to list other items separately.

Warm Regards