ming jar?

Started by wk, Mar 21, 2017, 19:58:44

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Hi, one of my friends had this jar which was bought as a Ming jar.

I doubt that it is Ming, although it looks old, because the rim has some dirt only on the outside.
It looks as if this was then overpainted. I can't be sure though. Should I try to remove some of it, or is this an obvious fake?

Thank you!


They usually call them ming jars but is probably made in the late 19th century... They are quite common.


19th century. It cannot be "Ming". Ginger jars with an unglazed neck/shoulder are always Qing dynasty. This is a fairly reliable dating feature.



Wouldn't this date to the Mid Qing with unglazed top, Late Qing the top would have been glazed, I believe.


Depends on what you think amounts to "late" Qing. Here usually Daoguang to 1911.
Ginger jars throughout the Qing dynasty had unglazed necks. As far as I can see only late Guangxu jars, especially export wares, had a glazed shoulder/neck.