Satsuma baluster vase

Started by Stan, Mar 21, 2017, 10:22:38

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Hi everyone, here is a very nice Satsuma vase, very detailed all around the vase, and the bottom has two type of continuous swirl patterns, the red swirle I have never seen on Japanese items and so this is a surprise, I think it is mid Meiji but would like to here your thoughts, thanks, the vase is 37.3 cm tall.



Here is a photo of the back.


Hey Stan,

In my humble opinion it maybe late Edo period. The last ten years of Edo period to be exact. I know that they had this type of pallet colors and that's when they started to paint people on Satsuma ware. I have books where they have similar color palette from the late Edo.


Hi Heavenguy, I agree, that would explain why it is not marked, Satsuma was rarely marked until after 1867, thanks for your reply.