Is it safe to assume this is fake?

Started by Kellygreen, Mar 19, 2017, 06:10:36

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I'm assuming it's fake because of the footing but other than that can anyone tell what else I should have noticed that would have helped me confirm it was a fake


well you are very right about that. the shape and style of the vase are often used for fake stuff. and i am pretty sure the colors are not right and some other things that other people on here can tell you about. and the mark is a Ming mark, but poorly illustrated and not handwritten.


I do not know if there was a double ring in the Chenghua reign, but the ring was popular in the Kangxi reign. Anyway, if the double ring is so perfectly executed it is always suspicious.


Thank you both for taking the time to help me out.  I paid $8 for this knowing it was probably a fake because I'm trying to learn to identify what to look for and I actually just liked it.  I have read that the Crackel could be faked but also read it was hard to fake the rust spots.  I was also unsure of the color of green and the fact that a small amount of green was on the bottom of the foot.  Is that also a sure sign it's a fake?  If you don't mind other than the fact that the foot looks so perfect what else would have stuck out to you that it was a fake?  I have compared the mark to what is considered fakes but that is confusing as well because I also read about how this emperor was young and his mark was poor due to his poor handwriting.  It also stated that there was thought to be only 1 calligrapher at that time but they could not rule out the possibility of others.  I'm just confused and overwhelmed any help with any of this would be very much appreciated.  Thanks in advance


well i have to say that you really didn't do a bad job with purchasing this. since you are inexperienced with these kind of things. especially when you want to get to know more about it and maybe buy something else in the future. there are a lot of inexperienced people who wouldn't have bought it, even if it was real. simply because they have no idea. and no sense for such artwork. but if you are thinking about doing this a lot more often, then i strongly suggest doing a lot of research. unless you wouldn't mind spending money on items that might not be real.

anyways, i am not an expert. but i have been busy with chinese antiques for quite an while. and often bought chinese works of art. i learned as i went, and after a while it gets easier to separate the fakes from the real items. but believe me, there are always new things to learn. and it can be quite difficult. but about your vase. i can't tell you much about the color or shape really since i am not very familiar with pieces from that certain age. that about the rust spots is pretty true. it often is a sign of age. also craquelee/crackle is often a sign of age. but when you look at the mark, you see that the lines their thickness are all the same everywhere. also the exact same dark blue color, and because of this you can tell its a fake already and that the mark is printed or something similar. if you google images about Chenghua Ming mark. you will see the same mark, but very different. you will be able to see the actual brushstrokes in the characters. different color blue too.  even though, a handwritten mark doesn't automatically mean its real. also consider that a vase like this (if real) from the Ming period and Chenghua reign, would be very rare. and it would be considered imperial porcelain. and that it somehow came to where you live. the chances to that are really low. because a vase like this, was never meant to leave china. so knowing that, you can take that in consideration when you want to decide if its real. but! that also does't mean its impossible.  even such items can end up anywhere on the world.  and next to doing research, you will just have to use your gut feeling sometimes. paying attention to detail and so on. porcelain with illustrations, its important if its handpainted, and often if its done really well. i personally really like to read on this forum. about the items that people post that they have questions about. and the answers they get. its very helpful and you keep learning new things. its also good to visit a shop or someone at a market that sells asian antiques. to have a good look at it and maybe hold it. i believe i rambled enough for now, and hope i helped a bit.


Thank you so much for all of your help.  I have been comparing the mark and I completely agree it does not match.  I am posting a little better picture of the mark so you can see the true color hopefully it is a little closer to the right color.  Thanks again for your help