Quianlong vases??

Started by Moni_22, Mar 18, 2017, 22:15:19

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I am new to this board and very glad I found you. A few months ago I bought these two vases. I am still a beginner in collecting Chinese porcelain and not particularly looking for antiques. So it was only after I examined the vases closer at home and looked up the mark that I got the idea that someone with more experience should take a look at them.

There are some age signs like rust spots and the white glaze is somewhat wavy and less shiny than on other items. The blue underglaze parts have irregular bubbles. The enamels are mostly translucent and glassy with a strong iridescence. I also read somewhere, that lanternshaped vases were popular during the 18c. I would say they are definitely not of imperial quality, so perhaps made for the common people? Or export?

Is it possible that these vases are really Quianlong m&p?

And can you tell me anything about the scenes?



The faces and the eyes are to realistic to be from the Qianlong period and the colors are much to bright, they started making the faces look realistic about 1960, so 2nd half of the 20th century in my opinion.


Thank you very much for your expertise. I didn't pay much for them and only came to think they might be older because the glaze an enamels look less perfect and somehow completely different from my other vases that were definitely made in 20th century.


Yes I agree these are nicely detailed, that is why we pay more attention to detail and compare to traditional antique porcelain, it is one of many references to telling them apart.