big floor vase

Started by mtg, Mar 17, 2017, 12:08:59

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Does anyone have knowledge of this type of vase.  it's a big piece measuring 23" tall and 60" in circumference.  thank you...mtg


This is a Chinese storage jar, it was probably used to export rice of other grain, usually they are one color, this a nice storage jar, late 19th century I think.


thank you for the information.

Lee Seng Kong


The jar is a modern reproduction of a Late Ming jar. with similar design.....made in Indonesia and quite readily available around the Borneo Island and Indonesia.

Original jars were made in Chinese kilns and shipped through the near-by port of Martaban, and hence , generally labelled as Martaban jar and generalised as "storage jars"....they were made with different back-ground colours ....white.....light brown ....light blue ....and can be viewed in Malaysian/Indonesia/Philippine museums, and can be referred to in antique journals of those countries.

Not all large jars were used for storage......coloured jars with decorations were sold as decorative jars or presented to officials.

Apart from the decorations, the base is totally off the mark.