Porcelain Noire Lidded jars with coins

Started by heavenguy, Mar 11, 2017, 05:05:19

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Hello mates,

This time I got a pair of Lidded jars with some coins on top. I believe this are Chinese. It has a really nice noire monochrome color. It doesn't look hand painted. It has like a line pattern below the glaze that goes around the jar. I'll put more observations depending on the photos...


They are really well done that I think they may be recent but the don't feel that new thought.  There is some iron leaking from the corners and perfectly carved with the knife.


The inside of both lids and jars are grayish white with crazing kind of Japanese Satsuma ware. Also the foot rim looks well carved with the knife. You can also see some iron leaking from where the glaze ended and on bottom foot rim.


I'm not sure but it looks like it has color under the black glaze. It looks like greenish brownish color but not sure... anyways. they both very similar and in sizes but i guess they lids are not interchangeably since one can fit one perfectly but not the other one suggesting they are hand made and not machine made. anyways any information will be highly appreciate it.


I'm afraid that is not very old. Could still be made by some smaller kiln in the south, and could still be used. The crazing can appear on many glazes when firing, but often they are not visible without a magnifier.
The black glaze is basically a very dark brown, so it may appear different where the glaze is not that thick.

The coin and wire is a common method of fixing handles, even used with older furniture today, especially for attaching handles to drawers. Only that usually a split pin is used instead of wire.


Thank you Peterp. I learned a lot today. Still a good away ahead to go...