Blue & white bottle

Started by Pablo82, Feb 20, 2017, 22:05:36

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Hello, I would be grateful for any advice regarding age, maker ect. of this porcelain bottle.
Thank you very much.


It looks quite intriguing , but I could not tell from these pictures if it is authentic or not.
Just some points so you can further your research.
Six character Kangxi marks on Kangxi items were rare, unless it would be imperial ware. The blue phoenix looks much like a Qing dynasty decoration, indeed.
However, I am not so sure about the clouds. They may be a bit too simple for the Kangxi reign. Some cloud formations were quite complex, with carefully drawn outlines and specific shapes, not at all painted using a one-stroke technique. I doubt that in the Kangxi period clouds would have such a simple shape. I would research this a bit further and if possible, have someone do a hands-on inspection. Weight may also tell something in this case.


Many thanks for your detailed explanation Peterp, it's very helpful and interesting! I'm very excited to own an item possibly from Kangxi dinasty. The weight is rather heavy if compared to other, more common, chinese porcelains in my possession. The color is not perfectly white but darker with a greysh-blue tone. The glaze is glossy and oily. If it can be useful for a further analysis, here are three more pictures of clouds and neck.