Help with identifying the age of my ginger jar

Started by nonstopmuzik, Feb 15, 2017, 22:35:25

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Hello everyone,

What do you guys think of this ginger jar? Is it old or not? It looks old but I'm not that sure it is... Can you help me please? :)

Thank you


in my Humble opinion, this could be somewhere in late Guangxu to early republic period.


Hi Nonstopmuzik, and Heavenly, notice how the branches are drawn, they are pure black and the leaves and flowers look modern, and the calligraphy is to black with no fading, I think this is a more recent item, maybe there will be something in the calligraphy to point to the precise age.


The cyclical year mentioned could be 1926 or 1968.  Any date could be written in the calligraphy. But as Stan said, the black is too dark and without any abrasion from handling. Unless it has been in storage for  of the time it  I would also think it is too pristine to be early republic. Unless there are age or usage signs it is difficult to tell from pictures.


Guys, I really appreciate all the help that you are giving all the timz. Thank you! So if I understand, this could also been made in the late 20th century or even later? It has.a spots in the porcelain that looks legit to me. The drawing is half underglaze and half overglaze. I also thought it is from a later period, I thought it was made around 1950/1970 if I see  the condition. I had once a lid vase that had almost the same drawing and I went to an expert with it. He estimated it was made around 1950, but that was another vase, and not this jar. ????