Help with identifying the age and rarity of my celadon-ground vase

Started by nonstopmuzik, Feb 12, 2017, 01:24:10

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I have bought a new vase/bottle that has a very strange shape, can't find one vase or bottle online that has this shape. My question is: Could someone tell me a bit more about these kind of vases? And how old could it be?

Thanx in advance.


Looks like a late 19th century piece were they cut the neck off.


Underglaze blue and white on celadon. Common in the 19th century. This is of better quality. The neck was cut off indeed. This is sometimes done when it is damaged. The original shape would have been a wide trumpet shaped mouth.


Thanks for your reactions. I also tought that the neck was cut off, but the price was good and i couldn't resist it ????