Can anyone tell me what these are?

Started by Gda245, Feb 07, 2017, 00:57:13

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I recently began going through my great aunt's estate after she passed.  I found (so far) these two porcelain items stored in her attic that my great uncle purchased while overseas.  They appear to have Chinese calligraphy on them.  Before I donate them I would at least like to get an idea as to whether my great aunt would've wanted me to keep them.  So if they're more than just trinket items then I would rather keep them as some sort of momento to her and my great uncle.  But if they're just trinkets then I'll donate them since I doubt she would mind getting rid of them if she were alive.  Thanks for the expertise. 




This are modern items. not very old with no collectors value. Good job donating items...


Thank you very much for letting me know.  I found another seemingly Chinese jar in her attic that is quite large.  I'll be sure to put pictures on here soon. I'll be hoping for the same conclusion since it is so big and takes up unnecessary space. 


Some things found in the attic sold for millions, please post larger piece, thanks.


Haha, I highly doubt this jar is worth millions (or even hundreds) but here it is.  Thanks for the interest and expertise.  This really helps me sift through her catalog of porcelain she's acquired over the years. I'll be sure to send more pictures as I run across items. There's a lot to go through. Cheers.


Just because items are not old does not mean much , Your last jar looks 19th century but could be earlier , The second piece you showed looks nice , would like to see a few more pictures of it.



Wow, thanks for the insight from all angles.  I'm not really concerned about the age of any of these, it's more that I don't want to get rid of anything my great aunt would've seen value in (artistic/ historic).  Not truly concerned about how much they're worth because I have no intentions on selling them. 

Carl, could you be more specific as to which item you wanted to see more pictures of?  There's a teapot and then a bowl.  The teapot has some sort of writing on the bottom and the bowl has some sort of writing on the side, if that helps distinguish the two.  Thank you all for this, I'm genuinely surprised that perfect strangers would be so willing to look at this stuff.  I guess there are decent people still haha.  Cheers.


Im sure its the bowl, but I do not think it is 19th century, the colors and the bottom point to a later period, republic period on the late side 1949 or later.


I'm not really sure about the Jar either. They faces look like playing card kings and jacks.


I agree with Stan that the painting of the bowl is not that old. Actually, all the painting style is a bit odd for this subject, normally these are nicely hand painted. Here the bird and coral red decorations definitely look as if they were transfer printed.
The jar is another problem...basically the unglazed neck and bottom point to late Qing dynasty. However, in these pictures the body (around the middle) is much more rounded than any ginger jar from the Qing dynasty I have ever seen. The many glaze spots point usually point to a fake, there are really too many to look natural.
But, even if this was from the late Qing dynasty, I'm afraid the ugly decoration means it would be lower in value than usual.


Thank you very much for the answers.  The jar will definitely be donated. It's an eye sore to say the least.  I may hold onto the bowl for the time being.  I actually know what you mean by transfer printing due to the type of work I'm involved in.  I must say, you all are very knowledgeable and it is quite interesting to hear you're artistic and historical analysis.  Cheers all.