Chinese Flat Bowl Charger 11 3/4" diameter identify

Started by bugman68, Feb 01, 2017, 21:53:02

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Believe this is early.  Need help with identifying when it was made.  No maker's mark.  Colors Are Blue White and Red.  Small bird at bottom.  Staple repair that can be seen from the back.


This is Japanese Imari from Arita kiln 18th century in my view.


Thank you for the reply.  Is there any information that you know of about the bird on the decoration or the type of decoration it may be called.  thanks so much, it is greatly appreciated.


Basically that is what we call Japanese Imari. That is the name given to a porcelain style first made by Japanese kilns (Arita, etc.) and shipped from the port of Imari in Kyushu in the 17th century.
The Chinese Imari has its name from this style too. Its main colors are blue, red and gilt.
That this one was made in Japan is evident because of its base and foot rim.


thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated.